Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bella's Italian Restaurant

There’s a lot to like about Bella’s – the décor and ambiance are bistro chic, the food was really quite good. Ours is a judgmental group headed by my cheftastic husband whose opinions are coming from a place of great food knowledge and experience. How do you take a fabulous Italian who cooks fabulous Italian food to an Italian restaurant and expect not to hear his opinion? So I’m taking him out of the mix entirely because for the remaining seven in our group there was definite thumbs up approval.
I love dining in this trendy SoHo area of Florida – if I squint I can almost imagine myself back in New York City (and yes in this dream sequence I’m about 30 years younger and absolutely fabulous). There’s a lively energy to this part of town and we see it mostly as we’re leaving for home around 8 and the young’uns are just arriving decked out for a night of fun. Kudos to them.
I enjoyed Lasagna with Bolognese sauce that was cooked perfectly. Others in our group tried the standard Spaghetti and Meatballs, or the Salmon and the approvals were high. Of course the Eggplant Parm was tasty but those who ate it paid considerable homage to my honey exclaiming that his was definitely better. (Yes they want to be invited back to our house someday).
We skipped dessert and settled for capuccinos which were considerately served with a little biscuit - just enough of a sweet bite after such a heavy meal. Would I come back for another meal? Most definitely - or maybe just to sample their gorgeous desserts!
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