Sunday, February 3, 2013

Arts And Eats, Bradenton

The Art of Escaping often includes a tie in activity before or after we dine that adds to the pleasure of our outing. This was one of those occasions. Our latest "Escape" included a pre-dinner walking tour of Bradenton's Art Village - a quaint collection of restored 20's and 30's cottages that are home to one of the largest groups of artisans in Florida. There are over 30 art galleries, working art studios, cafes, jewelry, fashion, healing arts and folk art - it was wonderful to get a glimpse into an artist's studio and see where it all happens and have an opportunity to purchase that one unique piece you were looking for. Check out this link to learn more about a lovely (and free) way to spend an afternoon.
Arts And Eats is located right in the midst of this community, itself a restored cottage charmingly converted into a restaurant and studio. Great atmosphere - the owners were friendly and welcoming and tried very hard to please us. Live music created a soothing background without drowning out dinner conversation. They definitely have some service kinks to work out - seemed a bit overwhelmed when diners kept arriving. I heard more than one apology for the long waits. There's one Chef cooking to order one dish at a time which meant that our group of eight was served over a rather too long period of time leaving some at our table watching the others eat - awkward but not the end of the world. And as I said most of our group found the food delicious. I especially liked the Chicken Tagine (but I wanted MORE - the portions were small and pricy). I think they'll get better so I'm willing to give this one another chance sometime. Arts & Eats Restaurant and Gallery on Urbanspoon