Saturday, August 11, 2012

Restaurants Remembered (1)

Since our group was dining out for quite a while before I started my blog, I will from time to time write about some “Restaurants Remembered”. One that stands out is Ciccios/Water. Here you get two restaurants in one. Ciccio’s California Cuisine and Water Unique Sushi. These two restaurants (owned by the same group) adjoin each other and share a kitchen that happily serves either menu to either side. So diners truly get the best of both worlds.
Our group arrived at 6pm (yes we’re seniors but we’re not looking for the early bird special!). We like to do a social activity AFTER dinner so that’s why we dine at 6pm. (yes we’re seniors so we start getting tired about 10:30pm – don’t judge us – you’ll get there some day).
We ordered from the Ciccio’s menu and quite a few of us tried the California Bowls – yum. And the Penne with Italian Sausage garnered some rave reviews. Everyone was quite happy with their meals. The wait staff was young, attractive and very professional. They gave us lots of attention and when the manager came by to ask how everything was we complimented the food and service.
I mentioned that it was our first time at Ciccio’s and that we were a Dining Out group that met monthly and he chatted with us good naturedly for a while. In a move that proved his marketing genius he sent over a gigantic platter filled with a sample of every sumptuous dessert they offered – on the house! Now that’s classy – and smart.
We will definitely go back to Ciccio’s – it was a great experience. And on our way out it was lovely to see the place now filling up with young, beautiful people. The parking lot was abuzz with valets and limos – it promised to be a lively fun night at Ciccio’s – and we left feeling satisfied and catered to and I’m sure we ended up at a Dunkin’ Donuts somewhere to sip a coffee and recall our more youthful days of partying into the wee hours and wearing fabulous clothes and dancing all night without our feet hurting. Billy's Stone Crab Seafood on Urbanspoon

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