Monday, May 28, 2012

Tis' The Season

Happy Memorial Day!
While flipping through the channels I discovered an old movie starring Steve McQueen that spurred me to write my latest review. The Great Escape. Like the film of the same name our group headed out this past Saturday for our monthly Escape. We didn't have to tunnel out although when our community is "in season" and overcrowded with SNOWBIRDS taking up every last available seat poolside and crowding the streets with traffic etc., that's when we really like to ESCAPE, even if it means tunneling! This month's pick was
Billy's Stonecrab, Seafood & Steaks - located in Tierra Verde, a lovely town near Fort De Soto Beach that boasts expensive 'bungalows' and waterfront properties. The restaurant is nice enough looking, very beach themed with a relaxed atmosphere. But we were seated at a long table that was rather a tight squeeze and the bench I sat on was uncomfortable. Maybe they don't want you to linger? The menu featured Stone Crab and despite the fact that signs declared Stone Crab season ends May 15th, they were still serving it on the menu. That should have been our first clue. We realized after tasting the so-so crab that it had been frozen, left over from the 'season'. The waiter even mentioned they were still serving it because they wanted to 'use it up'. It wasn't BAD but it wasn't GOOD either. So here's my basic Tip Of The Day ...duh... don't order food that's not in season, even if the restaurant still offers it! I enjoyed a fillet of grouper that was prepared well and some of us got the shrimp. However, the scallops were too small even for sea scallops (I prefer the larger bay scallops)
In Summary
Altogether an unremarkable restaurant, but hey, the company was good as usual. Most of the time we're pleasantly surprised and end up in places we'd never dream of trying. So the occasional ho-hum place doesn't bother us. There's always dessert! We enjoy jumping in our cars and traveling to a secondary location for coffee and a little treat. It extends the evening and gives us a chance to critique the meal and also catch up on our individual stories. Billy's Stone Crab Seafood on Urbanspoon

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