Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where are we going to eat tonight honey?

My friends and I enjoy eating out at restaurants that take us AWAY from our retirement community. That's right - out of the 'bubble'. Each month I will write a short review of the restaurants we pick. Which were the home runs, which were clunkers (yes we've experienced both). I will post a link to the restaurant so you can do your own research and check them out yourselves. And I'll give it a rating based on the following criteria: Ratings from 1-5 (with one being least favorable and 5 being most favorable) Categories like Venue, Food, Price. I can't offer you the opinion of whether I'd return or not because we'll always want to try a new restaurant. And for sure there are hundreds of restaurants in Tampa Bay to keep us busy for a long time. We'll keep going till either our digestive tracts fail us or our eyesight renders us unable to "Drive at Night"!

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